Schools Plus is a national charity that improves education outcomes for students facing disadvantage by increasing philanthropic support for their schools.

Schools Plus has a long history of creating opportunities for students, and our partnership will help to unlock the potential of students at Katoomba High School (KHS).

We will do this in a number of ways:

  • Provide funding for a Community Liaison Officer role at Katoomba High School to increase student wellbeing and mental health
  • Develop a mentoring program led by our staff – many who are former KHS students
  • Explore post-schooling projects to help students develop career pathways in our local community

We want to make a real difference to the lives of young people in our community. It’s part of our mission to give back and make an impact where it counts.



  • Students facing disadvantage consistently achieve poorer results than their peers. In Australia, there’s 2.5 years of schooling between the most socioeconomically advantaged and disadvantaged schools
  • Katoomba High School currently has an enrolment of 730 pupils which includes students from a low socioeconomic background
  • Australian students’ performance in maths and reading has significantly declined over the past decade, with an increasing number of students failing to meet minimum standards