A group of dedicated Scenic World staff are going the extra mile to give back to the community as ambassadors of the Scenic World Shared philanthropic program.

Scenic World staff share a passion for the Blue Mountains environment and community, and have played a key role in shaping the Scenic World Shared program since its inception.

Leading the charge is the Scenic World Shared Staff Reference Group; a group of 15 volunteer staff committed to steering the direction of the program for the benefit of the local community.

Tasked with developing CSR initiatives and reviewing  Shared funding applications, the group also collectively manages a staff ‘great ideas fund’ for staff-lead, innovative community projects.

Reference group members get to play an active role in supporting the community they live in, and benefit from a range of professional and personal development opportunities.

Scenic World’s Event Manager and Staff Reference Group volunteer, Alana Silk, said the group brought a range of skills to the table, with a unique mix of environmental scientists, engineers, artists and more among them.

“The Staff Reference Group is a great opportunity for us to draw on our collective knowledge of the Blue Mountains community which we then use to inform our decisions,” she said. “It also gives us a unique opportunity to contribute to the Blue Mountains region while ensuring the program evolves in line with our community’s needs.”

The Scenic World Shared Staff Reference Group is constantly looking for new ways to support the community, and welcomes your ideas and suggestions.

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