As a third generation family business that has been operating in Katoomba for over 70 years, Scenic World is entrenched in the Blue Mountains community. Our attractions have evolved over the years and we’ve welcomed many new faces through the doors, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to give back to the local community.

Scenic World Shared is part of our evolution as a tourism business as we work towards a more sustainable future. It builds on our decades of local philanthropy to give back to our community in a more meaningful way that sets the wheels in motion for change and supports our community to thrive.

The Shared program has been a long time in the making because we wanted to get it right. That’s why we invited staff, visitors and locals to identify areas which are important to them, and worked with a team of experts to find ways we could make a lasting impact on the people in our own backyard.

Working alongside partners committed to the sustainability of the Blue Mountains, Scenic World Shared goes beyond the act of giving to build the capacity of the community. We’ve handpicked partners whose work adds real value to our community and will create a ripple effect for future learning and growth.

For example, working with BMWHI will allow us to dig deeper, go further, and learn more about our World Heritage-listed backyard. Together, we will help to conserve the Blue Mountains, educate and inform staff, and share knowledge with our visitors.

We will work with FRRR to provide two tailored small grants programs that will have a meaningful impact on families in need and help to support local projects that make a difference to lives locally.

We chose Western Sydney University as the Scenic World Shared university partner because of its core values of diversity and inclusion, and its commitment to unlock the potential of future generations. Our partnership with WSU supports local students to take their studies in tourism and environmental science to the next level, so we can help to support tomorrow’s leaders.

And finally, our partnership with Schools Plus will help to unlock the potential of students at Katoomba High School and make a real difference to the lives of young people living in our community.

We want to share our success with people who form the backbone of our community – not just because it makes us feel good as a business, but because it helps to build stronger communities that can continue to grow.

We’re incredibly proud of Scenic World Shared, and we feel honoured to have the opportunity to play a leading role in supporting our local community to grow. We invite you to join us on this Shared journey and support the Blue Mountains community we’re proud to call home.

Yours truly,

Anthea Hammon