Imelda Eames is passionate about supporting kids to be the best they can be. She’s determined, fuelled with enthusiasm, and in her role as Katoomba High School’s Community Liaison Officer, she’s poised to make a difference.

Imelda has connected with countless students, parents and staff at Katoomba High School since taking up the role in late 2016, with the aim of supporting parents and students to make their high school experience as positive as possible.

She’s hosted morning teas with parents and carers, coordinated events for staff and students, and even managed to convince former Justice of the High Court of Australia Michael Kirby AC CMG to speak at the school during a recent visit to Katoomba.

As a mother with a strong background in community work, Imelda is all too familiar with the struggles parents face during the transition to high school. But she also firmly believes a little support can go a long way.

“Many things change dramatically in high school as young people move into the next development stage and often separate from their parents as they become more independent,” she said.

“My role is about offering opportunities for parents to feel connected with each other and with the school during the crucial transition stages.”

Imelda’s collaborative approach has been appreciated by dozens of parents and carers who regularly attend her morning tea events, which provide a space for parents and carers to meet each other and hear about school activities.

She also supports teachers and the school by building new opportunities to engage the broader Blue Mountains community.

By holding events and activities such as mentoring days, Movember BBQ events and various workshops, Katoomba High School demonstrates how a whole of community approach creates space for a stronger and more dynamic community that benefits all.

“Proactively making projects happen and building stronger connections with the community delivers so many benefits,” Imelda said. “It helps to improve academic outcomes, exposes students to new opportunities, and increases participation at many levels.”

Imelda’s role, which is funded by Scenic World’s philanthropic program, Scenic World Shared for three years, will help Katoomba High School to continue building the capacity of students and parents into the future.

“It’s so rewarding being part of a program in the school that recognises the importance of personal growth and community connection for students, staff, parents and carers and the whole of the community.”

Scenic World’s Chief Marketing Officer Amanda Byrne applauded Katoomba High School’s ongoing commitment to support local students, and made a special mention of the potential of Imelda’s role in helping to shape their lives.

“We’re proud to have the opportunity to fund KHS’s Community Liaison Officer position over the coming years, and we look forward to seeing some great outcomes as Imelda’s passion and enthusiasm helps parents and students adapt to the difficult transition into high school and beyond.”